China Taiwan Province administrative divisions of historical maps (1950- 1981)

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China Taiwan Province administrative divisions of historical maps (1950- 1981)

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Taiwan Province 1950-1981 Administrative Division History Description:


Withdrawal of Chiayi City, part of Tainan County, set up Chiayi County; withdrawal of Pingtung City, part of Kaohsiung County, located in Pingtung County, located in the city of Taichung County, County; analysis of parts of Taipei County and Yilan County jurisdiction of the city set up Yilan County; analysis of Hsinchu County in some areas located in Taoyuan County, Miaoli County; analysis of Taichung County, located in some areas Nantou County; analysis of Tainan County in parts of Yunlin County. A total of 5 cities and 16 counties and Yangming Mountain Authority.


Withdrawal of Yangming Mountain Authority

Figure not specified in the city area

Taipei City: Songshan, Da-an, Guting, Shuangyuan, Longshan, Chengzhong, Jianping, Yanping, Datong, Zhongshan, Neihu, Nangang, Mucha, Jingmei, Shihlin District, Beitou District

Kaohsiung City: Yancheng District, Qianjin District, Xinxing District, Lingya District, former Township, Cijin District, Gushan District, Sanmin District, Zuoying District, Nanzi District

Taichung City: Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, Beitun District, Central, Xitun District

Tainan City: Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, Anping, Central

Keelung: Renai District, Anle District, Xinyi District, seven block area, in the mountains, Chung Cheng District

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