An online map of China 's physical geography

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An online map of China 's physical geography

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Map description

China Natural Geographic Region

ⅠEastern monsoon region

(Ⅰ) humid, semi-humid temperate zone in Northeast China

1.Daxinganling coniferous forest area;

2.Northeast Northeast mountainous coniferous broad-leaved mixed forest area;

3.Northeast plain forest steppe area

(Ⅱ) humid, semi-humid warm temperate zone in North China

4.Deciduous broad-leaved forest in Liaodong and Shandong Peninsula;

5.Semi-arid deciduous broad-leaved forest area in North China Plain;

6.Semi-arid deciduous broad-leaved forest and forest-steppe area in Jijin Mountain;

7.Loess Plateau forest steppe, Grassland area

(III) humid subtropical regions in central and southern China

8.The north subtropical zone of the Yangtze River mixed plain;

9.North subtropical Qinling Mountains, Daba mountain mixed forest; the subtropical coastal Zhejiang evergreen broad-leaved forest area; the southern subtropical hilly basin evergreen broad Leaf forest area; the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest area in Sichuan Basin; the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest area in Guizhou Plateau; the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest area in Yunnan Plateau;

15.South Subtropical Lingnan hills evergreen Broad-leaved forest area;

16.South subtropical, tropical island of Taiwan evergreen broad-leaved forest and monsoon forest area

(Ⅳ) Humid tropics in South China

17.Qionglei tropical rain forest, monsoon forest area;

18.South Yunnan tropical monsoon forest area;

19.South China Sea Islands tropical rain forest

ⅡNorthwest arid region

(Ⅴ) Inner Mongolia temperate grassland region

20.Desert steppe, desert steppe region;

22.Ordos Plateau steppe, desert steppe region

(Ⅵ) Northwest temperate and warm temperate desert regions

23.Alxa Plateau temperate desert zone;

24.Junggar Basin temperate desert zone;

25.Altai mountain grassland and coniferous forest area;

26 Tianshan mountain grassland and coniferous forest area;

27.Tarim Basin Warm temperate desert

ⅢAlpine region of Qinghai - Tibet Plateau

(Ⅷ) The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

28.South Himalayan mountain tropics, subtropical forest area

29.Cangdong, Sichuan cutting mountain coniferous forest, alpine meadow area

30.South Tibetan shrubland grassland area

31.Qiangtang Plateau, Qingnan mountain alpine grassland, mountain steppe

32.Qaidam Basin and the northern slope of the Kunlun Mountains desert

33.Ali - Kunlun mountain alpine desert and desert steppe area

The map comes from the "China Geographic Atlas" in China's physical geographical area (Zhao Songqiao 1983)

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