Online map of biological resources of Taiwan Island, China

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Online map of biological resources of Taiwan Island, China

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Biological Resources of Taiwan Island, China

1, spruce, fir, hemlock

2, red cypress, flat Berlin

3, pine, mixed forest

4, broad-leaved forest

5, grass slope

6, farm crops

Special Economic Forest and Economic Crops in Taiwan Island, China

1, citronella

2, pineapple

3, camphor tree

4, citrus

5, tea

6, sugar cane

7, bananas

China Taiwan Island Wildlife

1, sika deer

2, small clawed otter

3, starlings

4, pangolins

5, Taiwan monkeys

Fisheries of Taiwan Island of China

1, Taiwan salmon

2, Chinese sturgeon

3, sea bream

4, bonito

5, tuna

6, swordfish

7, sardines

8, snake mullet

9, sharks

10, gold line fish

11, mackerel fish

12, scad

13, pomfret

14, sea cucumber

15, squid

16, the sea crab

17, the mother of pearl

The map comes from the "China Geographic Atlas" in China Taiwan Island biological resources online map

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