China is experiencing an important stage of the rapid rise of the reasons put forward Belt and Road Initiative.

China is experiencing an important stage of the rapid rise of the reasons put forward Belt and Road Initiative.
2017-01-13 | author : giser

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China is experiencing an important phase of rapid rise, and the economy and society have come into a transition period. At the diplomatic level, China is exploring a path of major power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in pursuit of peace, development, cooperation and win-win results.

In this respect, the "One Belt and One Road" initiative is a specific strategy as well as a significant channel to realize its goals. Meanwhile, it could also promote the transformation of our strategy of foreign policy.

"One Belt and One Road" is a strategy that is gradually programmed and implemented in a complicated and constantly changing international background. It is an unprecedented major exploration as well as an attempt at a new type of international relations.

If there is one thing for certain about this exploration, it is that it has too many uncertainties and the process won't be perfect.

But without these imperfect, and sometimes even painful process, it is hard for us to find the new path for the major power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, or for our diplomatic innovation.

There are always twists and turns when carrying out great undertakings. Ups and downs will appear in the promotion of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative. But what is important is not those obstacles, but our attitude to them.

There will be more practical difficulties in pushing forward cooperation including the wide variations in politics, economy, society and culture among countries along the route and some conflicts and contradictions between certain states, which are hard to tackle in the short run. Besides, several nations are facing profound political adjustments, and economic and social transitions. Moreover, interventions from other major powers are also making the process arduous.

In addition, the initiative is a common course for all the countries along the "road" and "belt." Therefore, it is improper to attribute the obstacles involved in the project to China's failings.

The project requires diverse cooperation with an open mind among countries along the route. And China is not going to force it forward alone, but will help it enter a new virtuous cycle to make the cooperation smoother, while respecting the international environment, realistic conditions and objective principles of development.

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